Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The coop family...=)

Whaley & Patience the Pig.

interested to give away as a gift to friends or put in your car...
email me at fuzziesulove@gmail.com

More fuzzies if you are interested =) - Monty Look alike

interested??? can email me at fuzziesulove@gmail.com

because this is specially handmade for a friend of mine... people called him monkey =p
hope he'll like it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beary good...remb them? this is ordered by my church mate.

finally completed them =p. hope you love them =)

Baby Flippers- waiting to be adopted...=)

Rm20 for each. 

Black: adopted
Red: 1 more
Blue: 1 more

can be hanged in the car or made into a keychain.

my church member had ask me to customize the penguin using 2 pom pom balls. So I came up with this. Hope it'll be hot in market too =). Fetching comments.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eileen's multicolour squek. completed 25th Feb 2011

hope you love it eileen!!! 

those interested. I'm selling this at rm35 each. Due to the difficulty of mixing the colour. This keychain is carefully crafted. =) It looks very like a mix sugarglider =p

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Squek...completed 24th feb 2011

been delaying in making pom poms. Finally i've completed last year's order.

 5 in a row. =) packed and ready to mail!~
lastest squek with flower...=) will cost Rm35 each. while stock last.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunny Island, sets in the SEA!!!~

I would say I had an AWESOME time with my LORD God & also with my sweet sister in christ who had accompanied me as a travelmate to Singapura.

I'll blog more when I have got the time and also post up some pictures of S'pore and the fun times we had. =) We managed to crammed Bugis Street, Orchard Road (where Ion & Takashimaya is), Vivocity & a few other place into 3 days trip. We had a time choosing blouses for new year, as they are having sales over there in some of the shopping malls.  I managed to buy a bag from RaYaNa , heart heart the bag. =)

Had a great time taking pictures @ Ion, Orchard road. Thankful that my friend Geekpei, had met up with us and lead us to another better shopping complex, cant remb the name. We had lovely dinner that evening @ Orchard. and also On Saturday for lunch time @ Food Republic, Vivocity. Love love the bamboo rice.!!! and filling too.

I learnt something, i'm way too thin!!! I need to eat more to gain weight!!! Too skinny!!! no nice clothes for me. Shopped for some christian CD's and books.. =) finally get a chance after so many months. thanking god for the trip...very very blessed trip. with so many blessings.

Can't wait to meet up with my another gal friend for more fun times together!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

HAppy CNY...Panda wishes everyone near and far =)

measurement: height: 14cm x width: 13cm
cost: RM40
DOB: 18th Jan 2011
Status: Adopted

kat bought it for her friend as a birthday gift. =)